Favorite Podcasts

My favorite podcasts.

The other day my sister in law (SIL) asked me what my favorite podcasts were. I had to think about it for a while. Podcasts are relatively new for me. I didn’t start listening to them until 2018 when my SIL’s husband told me about a Joe Rogan podcast on sleep. I listened to it and I really enjoyed it. I’ve been listening to podcasts ever since. Podcasts allow me to learn things while I’m either sitting idle or exercising.

I started listening to just Joe Rogan but I slowly started expanding my list of podcasts. When I started adding more podcasts, I stopped listening to Joe Rogan regularly because his podcasts are so long (usually between 2-3 hours long) . They’re good and I learn/laugh at each one I listen to but I wanted to be able to listen to other things (including audiobooks). I especially like podcasts where the person speaking has a lot of voice expression.

Here are the podcasts that I listen to regularly:

These are podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis but selectively listen to them:

In Five Years – Book Review

The first book that I read post graduation.

This was the first book I chose to read for pleasure after completing my thesis. It was a quick read (only 266 pages) and once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. The book wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be. I thought it was going to be a feel good chick lit type of book but it wasn’t. Overall, I would say it was a good book but because it was short, I didn’t feel like I was able to get to know all the characters in the book.

The book is about a woman, Dannie, that goes through life trying to plan and control every detail in her life after an unexpected tragedy in her life occurs when she was a child. Dannie “survived” that tragedy with the help of her best friend and lives life according plan including getting engaged to her boyfriend and landing a job at the law firm she’s always wanted to work at. On the night she gets engaged, she falls asleep and wakes up 5 years later in an apartment with a man that is not her boyfriend that just proposed.

When she wakes again, she is back in the present but can’t seem to forget the man that was in her dream. Without giving anything away…I will say that I cried a bit and when I got to the end, I was going to get so mad if it ended the way the book made it seem like it was going to end because it seemed wrong. It was a good book, but not the book I was looking for. I wanted something more upbeat. I would give it 3.5 stars and I would recommend reading it since it was such an easy read.

Lets Try This Again

I found this flower on my walk today

I’m back. Once again, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted. A lot has happened since April 2017…so that means there’s a lot I need to post. But first and foremost…I finally finished my masters degree. That means I now have the time to write again and learn things I’ve been wanting to learn.

I can also read books for pleasure now rather than write my thesis. I still read books during school but I can read more. Yay! I have also decided that I still want to read books to learn things but at least now I don’t have my thesis hovering over me (and the books I read aren’t limited to machine learning or statistics).

  • I have some post graduation daily goals though:
    • 20 minutes of video learning
    • 30 minutes of non-fiction reading (or listening)
    • listen to podcasts during morning jog/walk

Kinesiology Tape

A few weeks ago, I stepped down from a sidewalk with too much pressure and it hurt my left ankle like crazy.  To make it feel better, I put myself back in the boot for a week.  I was so upset because my ankles were just starting to feel better!  So anyway,  I’ve been going to physical therapy lately.  I was very skeptical about this tape that they put on my feet…but they sure seem to work.  There is a caveat though, I’ve also been taking some anti-inflammatory medication about every other day which could also be helping with the pain.  But does it really matter?  My ankles feel better!  That’s all I care about.  I was afraid I walking would be painful for the rest of my life!!! (I’m so dramatic, I know.)

Spring 2017

I can’t believe it has actually been a year since I last posted!  Since last year in no particular order,  I got hired on as an employee at work, we visited Florida (Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Key West) before the craziness happened, I tripped and rolled my left ankle, went to Lake Tahoe before the crazy weather, I fell off a ladder and hurt my right ankle, and I decorated a rose parade float.  I think that pretty much catches you up.

It’s now spring break for my kids (mine was back in March) and I am trying to think of something to do with my kids.  I was thinking of going to the Broad but I may have to wait in line and I don’t know if my cankles can handle that!  So it is entirely possible that I just may go to LACMA and I don’t think that I have ever been there despite having lived here for all but 2 years of my life.  I’ll let you know what I wind up doing.  Maybe I’ll even post pics including some Snapchat ones 😜.

So Much Has Happened

A lot has happened since February…

  • I have since gone back to Universal and experienced the Harry Potter land in full (except that I haven’t gotten a wand yet). I will post more pictures later…
  • We also visited Legoland AND stayed at the Legoland Hotel. More pictures to follow.
  • Another amusement park we visited was More pictures and discussion to follow as well. We’ve actually gone here three times since I last wrote.
  • I also went back to work! So, I can no longer call myself a stay at home mom.

This semester, I’ve been taking an evening class and a research class so… my days have been free while my kids were at school. This meant…I was getting bored during the day so I started passively looking for a job. To be truthful, I think I have probably always been passively looking. The job that I found actually turns out to be the job I’ve been trying to get for years. Since the first time I started taking graduate courses in Computer Science! I am actually working in IT!! Hallelujah! So I am happy about it 🙂 Yay!

Harry Potter and the Soft Open

Last Friday, I went to Universal Studios Hollywood…and guess what I got to see first hand!!!

Reserve Tickets Online Now

It wasn’t an official open but a soft open meaning it’s like a dress rehearsal.  I have to say that I was quite impressed.  Unlike the other parts of Universal, the cast that works there actually get into character.  Many of them wore the capes unless they were playing another part.  I bought a Hedwig puppet owl there and the cashier asked me if I wanted to pay with muggle dollars or… I can’t remember what she said for credit.

At any rate the buildings were fantastic and there are two rides.  One is a simulated ride and the other is a roller coaster.  Both were open but I didn’t get to go on 🙁 because I had to go meet up with my family at city walk.  I went into the candy store and that was pretty cool.  Lots of crazy candy to buy that are all Harry Potter themed/related.  I didn’t get to try any of the food because as I’ve mentioned before here and there wasn’t anything vegan.  That means that butter bear was out of the question.  I have to say though, I am not a Harry Potter fanatic so I don’t know all things Harry Potter but the buildings were beautiful:

Harry Potter Castle before they let me in…
Harry Potter Castle after they opened it up LATE in the afternoon…




Here is the infamous book…



Before I was actually let in, it was closed all morning because Celebrity Apprentice was there filming. When they were done filming, some of the celebrities stayed to enjoy Harry Potter land. Here are the ones I saw:

  • This is the WNBA player…


  • This is Brooke Burke-Charvet and some other gentleman that I don’t know…


  • Layla Ali, the boxer…


That was my trip in a nutshell!

Hello World!

I thought I would keep the generic title of WordPress’ example first post because this is my first post on this website (all the other posts are posts from my old website).  It’s 2016 and the post prior to this was actually from 2013 which may look a little confusing because of the way this theme is set up.  I’m trying to get up to speed with WordPress themes so that I can create my own theme.  Hopefully it will be soon!

At any rate here are some things I would like to accomplish in 2016:

  • Be mostly vegan— yes, I’ve already been made fun of because of this but ever since I saw  “Forks Over Knives” I was sold on the whole plant based diet.
  • Teach my children gratitude— I think my children are blessed with what they have and I would like for them to KNOW that they are blessed.
  • Learn Laravel or Rails really well.  I know bits and pieces but I’d like to be proficient.  I’m leaning more towards Laravel because goDaddy does not support ruby.  However, I see more job postings for Ruby on Rails programmers.
  • Build a website from scratch.  Perhaps using the above knowledge?!?!
  • Be a WordPress guru.
  • Come up with a Thesis for my masters in Computer Science. I was thinking of something related to databases.
  • Create a family tradition of game night.  We’re hooked on Rummikub but we have a family of 5 and it’s for 4 players!
  • Blog more.  What can I say, my last blog post was 3 years ago!
  • Sell my books.  I have soo many books in one of our rooms and I want to convert it into a play room. I may apportion part of my website and dedicate it to selling my books.
  • Read more fiction books.  Lately all I read are textbooks but I have read a couple books this year.  I’d like to read to my children again too.  I just heard that Wonder is a great book.
  • Get my kids out playing more rather than indoors on their electronics.

Hefty list, I know, but I figure the more you have on your list, the more likely you’ll actually accomplish at least one of the things on your list!

Bye Dad

My dad died today. Although we weren’t close for over a decade, it still saddens me. I still have good memories of him. I’m glad I got to see you one last time…see you on the other side, Dad.


Rules of Civility

I’ve been reading a lot of books that really have not made an impression me. It always bothers me when I read a book and it doesn’t interest me. Even though I don’t like a book I feel guilty if I don’t finish reading it. Silly, I know. Here are some books that I read that I thought were terrible

• Noah’s Compass– This was probably one of the most pointless books that I’ve read. Maybe it has something to do with its simplicity but it really lacked plot.
• Swamplandia!—This book was a little strange and disturbing. It had paranormal, child molestation, alligators, cancer and indentured worker themes—all of which did not blend well for me.
• The Night Circus—This book definitely had potential and had a great story plot but it actually had too many interweaving stories. I will post more about this book later.

In an effort to get more book ideas for worthwhile reading, I posted on my company’s Buzz website in the Love to Read group. Unfortunately, I only got one suggestion, but it was a good one– Rules of Civility.

Rules of Civility by Amor Towels
Rules of Civility by Amor Towels

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles was a very interesting read. It certainly was not a quick read but definitely a good read. The book takes place in New York City, close to the end of the depression in 1938. It begins with the chance meeting between working class first generation American, Kate and socialite, Tinker at a bar on New Year’s Eve. The chance meeting brings Kate on an adventurous year moving in the circles of New York’s elite. There were some slow parts to it but otherwise it was good. I like the working class rags to riches story. Without giving anything away, there are a couple twists and unexpected turns in the story that leave you satisfied (or at least me). Go read it.