Harry Potter and the Soft Open

Last Friday, I went to Universal Studios Hollywood…and guess what I got to see first hand!!!

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It wasn’t an official open but a soft open meaning it’s like a dress rehearsal.  I have to say that I was quite impressed.  Unlike the other parts of Universal, the cast that works there actually get into character.  Many of them wore the capes unless they were playing another part.  I bought a Hedwig puppet owl there and the cashier asked me if I wanted to pay with muggle dollars or… I can’t remember what she said for credit.

At any rate the buildings were fantastic and there are two rides.  One is a simulated ride and the other is a roller coaster.  Both were open but I didn’t get to go on 🙁 because I had to go meet up with my family at city walk.  I went into the candy store and that was pretty cool.  Lots of crazy candy to buy that are all Harry Potter themed/related.  I didn’t get to try any of the food because as I’ve mentioned before here and there wasn’t anything vegan.  That means that butter bear was out of the question.  I have to say though, I am not a Harry Potter fanatic so I don’t know all things Harry Potter but the buildings were beautiful:

Harry Potter Castle before they let me in…
Harry Potter Castle after they opened it up LATE in the afternoon…




Here is the infamous book…



Before I was actually let in, it was closed all morning because Celebrity Apprentice was there filming. When they were done filming, some of the celebrities stayed to enjoy Harry Potter land. Here are the ones I saw:

  • This is the WNBA player…


  • This is Brooke Burke-Charvet and some other gentleman that I don’t know…


  • Layla Ali, the boxer…


That was my trip in a nutshell!

Hello World!

I thought I would keep the generic title of WordPress’ example first post because this is my first post on this website (all the other posts are posts from my old website).  It’s 2016 and the post prior to this was actually from 2013 which may look a little confusing because of the way this theme is set up.  I’m trying to get up to speed with WordPress themes so that I can create my own theme.  Hopefully it will be soon!

At any rate here are some things I would like to accomplish in 2016:

  • Be mostly vegan— yes, I’ve already been made fun of because of this but ever since I saw  “Forks Over Knives” I was sold on the whole plant based diet.
  • Teach my children gratitude— I think my children are blessed with what they have and I would like for them to KNOW that they are blessed.
  • Learn Laravel or Rails really well.  I know bits and pieces but I’d like to be proficient.  I’m leaning more towards Laravel because goDaddy does not support ruby.  However, I see more job postings for Ruby on Rails programmers.
  • Build a website from scratch.  Perhaps using the above knowledge?!?!
  • Be a WordPress guru.
  • Come up with a Thesis for my masters in Computer Science. I was thinking of something related to databases.
  • Create a family tradition of game night.  We’re hooked on Rummikub but we have a family of 5 and it’s for 4 players!
  • Blog more.  What can I say, my last blog post was 3 years ago!
  • Sell my books.  I have soo many books in one of our rooms and I want to convert it into a play room. I may apportion part of my website and dedicate it to selling my books.
  • Read more fiction books.  Lately all I read are textbooks but I have read a couple books this year.  I’d like to read to my children again too.  I just heard that Wonder is a great book.
  • Get my kids out playing more rather than indoors on their electronics.

Hefty list, I know, but I figure the more you have on your list, the more likely you’ll actually accomplish at least one of the things on your list!