Kinesiology Tape

A few weeks ago, I stepped down from a sidewalk with too much pressure and it hurt my left ankle like crazy.  To make it feel better, I put myself back in the boot for a week.  I was so upset because my ankles were just starting to feel better!  So anyway,  I’ve been going to physical therapy lately.  I was very skeptical about this tape that they put on my feet…but they sure seem to work.  There is a caveat though, I’ve also been taking some anti-inflammatory medication about every other day which could also be helping with the pain.  But does it really matter?  My ankles feel better!  That’s all I care about.  I was afraid I walking would be painful for the rest of my life!!! (I’m so dramatic, I know.)

Spring 2017

I can’t believe it has actually been a year since I last posted!  Since last year in no particular order,  I got hired on as an employee at work, we visited Florida (Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Key West) before the craziness happened, I tripped and rolled my left ankle, went to Lake Tahoe before the crazy weather, I fell off a ladder and hurt my right ankle, and I decorated a rose parade float.  I think that pretty much catches you up.

It’s now spring break for my kids (mine was back in March) and I am trying to think of something to do with my kids.  I was thinking of going to the Broad but I may have to wait in line and I don’t know if my cankles can handle that!  So it is entirely possible that I just may go to LACMA and I don’t think that I have ever been there despite having lived here for all but 2 years of my life.  I’ll let you know what I wind up doing.  Maybe I’ll even post pics including some Snapchat ones 😜.