It’s Been a While, Will You Forgive Me if I Share My Favorite iPad Apps?

It has taken me a while to post because the next things I wanted to post were recipes and I was too lazy busy to convert my raw images to jpegs. I got these fabulous recipes on Pinterest— the place that inspired me to blog in the first place. I’ve found 3 great recipes and I can’t wait to share them with you and let you know what I think of them. So, you have those recipes to look forward to…

In the mean time, I would like to share with you my favorite iPad apps. These are paid apps unless otherwise noted:

  1. Feeddler Pro–I use this to read my Google feeds.
  2. Instapaper– I use this in conjunction with Feeddler and Safari. It helps me save articles in a very readable format (without the ads)
  3. Pinboard (free)–I use this with my Pinterest account
  4. Words With Friends HD–best game EVER!!
  5. Pimp Your Screen– Allowed me to easily personalize my iPad.. There are a lot of REALLY good images that you can use.
  6. Numbers– MS Excel for the iPad
  7. CraigsPro– I love craigslist. I use it to buy and sell used stuff.
  8. ToonCamera–turns your pictures into cartoons.
  9. Cut My Rope–Kids game but it is oddly addictive.
  10. Where’s My Water–Same story as above
  11. Netflix– Stream movies on your ipad. You can take your movies with you on vacation!
  12. Livestrong– Fabulous Calorie counter
  13. People Magazine (free app but magazines cost $)–This where I get my dirt on celebrities