What Did You Give Up For Lent?

I was raised Catholic and went to church EVERY Sunday. I was part of the choir, the youth group, attended CCD, and I was probably at church at least twice if not 3 times a week. That being said…I’m not that religious anymore. On occasion, I start to feel the Catholic guilt and decide that I need to go to church. When I do go to church, I don’t attend Catholic services anymore (although I sometimes miss the rituals)– I go to a Lutheran Church.

The Lutheran church has a more modern service complete with Christian songs sung to “modern” tunes (like U2 or the Beatles). Lots of hand gesturing and sometimes dancing. Very interesting but sometimes uncomfortable for the Catholic at heart. At any rate, the Lutheran religion isn’t that far off from Catholicism and Lent is still a big part of the religion.

Lent has always been kind of like a new New Year’s Resolution time period for me. I generally give up something for 40 days. The something is generally some bad habit or “addiction”. This year’s addiction…candy. Yup. I gave up candy. It’s been difficult, but I’ve been able to do it thus far. I used to make Sunday my day off and allow myself a reprieve from my resolution, but then every time I did that, I’d break down and give up my will to give up (does that sound right?!?!).

You know what I feel my biggest accomplishment with my Lenten resolution? The fact that I have a very LARGE tub of candy on my desk at work and I haven’t eaten a single candy!!! Yay!

What did YOU give up for lent?