So Much Has Happened

A lot has happened since February…

  • I have since gone back to Universal and experienced the Harry Potter land in full (except that I haven’t gotten a wand yet). I will post more pictures later…
  • We also visited Legoland AND stayed at the Legoland Hotel. More pictures to follow.
  • Another amusement park we visited was More pictures and discussion to follow as well. We’ve actually gone here three times since I last wrote.
  • I also went back to work! So, I can no longer call myself a stay at home mom.

This semester, I’ve been taking an evening class and a research class so… my days have been free while my kids were at school. This meant…I was getting bored during the day so I started passively looking for a job. To be truthful, I think I have probably always been passively looking. The job that I found actually turns out to be the job I’ve been trying to get for years. Since the first time I started taking graduate courses in Computer Science! I am actually working in IT!! Hallelujah! So I am happy about it 🙂 Yay!