Lets Try This Again

I found this flower on my walk today

I’m back. Once again, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted. A lot has happened since April 2017…so that means there’s a lot I need to post. But first and foremost…I finally finished my masters degree. That means I now have the time to write again and learn things I’ve been wanting to learn.

I can also read books for pleasure now rather than write my thesis. I still read books during school but I can read more. Yay! I have also decided that I still want to read books to learn things but at least now I don’t have my thesis hovering over me (and the books I read aren’t limited to machine learning or statistics).

  • I have some post graduation daily goals though:
    • 20 minutes of video learning
    • 30 minutes of non-fiction reading (or listening)
    • listen to podcasts during morning jog/walk

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