June 5

Book Review: Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

Five years ago, I was still relatively new to my neighborhood (and a little lonely). In an effort to meet more people, I made a flyer to start a book club in my development. I left a flyer at half of the tract homes in my development (I was too lazy to walk to all 700 homes).

I got a pretty good response back, so I decided to host the first book club at my house and the book I chose was My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult (and no– I don’t get anything if you click on the link). It was the very first Picoult book I ever read and I thought it was fabulous. That book began my Picoult book reading. I’ve read 14 of her 19 books.

I just finished her latest book– The Lone Wolf:

Luke is a man that has devoted his entire life to researching the behavior of wolves. He even went on to live life as a wolf in the Canadian forest for 2 years. His work becomes renowned once he re-enters society and is given his own show on Animal Planet (or some similar channel). One night, when he drives his intoxicated daughter home, he gets into a car accident and is rendered comatose with little chance of recovering. The book explores Luke, his relationships with his family members, and the wolves. His tragic accident brings his broken family together to decide his fate by determining whether or not to continue life support.

In true Jodi Picoult fashion, this book is told through the eyes of several different characters:

  • Luke— the father, lone wolf and comatose patient
  • Cara–Luke’s daughter that was in the same accident but suffered non-life threatening injuries
  • Edward–Luke’s estranged son
  • Georgie–Luke’s ex-wife
  • Joe— Georgie’s second and current husband

It wasn’t her best book but it was still entertaining. I finished it in 3 days. I would recommend it as a great beach/vacation read.

May 25

My Family Can’t Get Enough of These Peanut Butter Bars!

I don’t know what your favorite candy is– but in my household, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Butterfingers are quite popular (especially among the adults here). So when I found this recipe for Peanut Butter Bars— I was in heaven!! This recipe is no bake, simple, quick AND tastes just like Reese’s Peanut Butter cups! YUMMO!

How can you go wrong with peanut butter (I prefer Skippy), powdered sugar, and graham cracker? Now, I am not a chocolate fan ( *gasp* I know, right? How can I even say I’m female?!?! ) and I tolerate it in this recipe. I often just give my husband the chocolate part and eat the inside (and yes– this is how I eat the butter cups too). I think in my next iteration of this, I will make it with WHITE CHOCOLATE– which I do happen to love <3<3

When you cut the bars, it’s best to use one of those slicers like the one in the picture above– cleaner slices. 🙂

For the recipe, Click Here


May 25

Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken

I found this teriyaki chicken recipe that looked absolutely delicious on pinterest. It was a pretty tantalizing recipe for me because it:

  1. was a crock pot recipe
  2. crock pot = little hassle
  3. it called for chicken thighs–> a very cheap cut of meat
  4. and the picture from Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen was gorgeous

So…with good intentions, I made the recipe.  When I made it, it didn’t taste so good.  My problem though, was that I didn’t follow the timing. I couldn’t start and stop the crock pot with just a 4 hour window because I decided to make it during a week night.  Plus, I figured that it was a crock pot recipe…it wouldn’t hurt to let it cook a little longer (I thought it would just make the chicken more tender).  Long story short– it tasted good but the chicken was a little rubbery because I cooked it for too long.

The sauce was delish, though. I recommend trying it and sticking exactly to the timing directions…


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April 21

It’s Been a While, Will You Forgive Me if I Share My Favorite iPad Apps?

It has taken me a while to post because the next things I wanted to post were recipes and I was too lazy busy to convert my raw images to jpegs. I got these fabulous recipes on Pinterest— the place that inspired me to blog in the first place. I’ve found 3 great recipes and I can’t wait to share them with you and let you know what I think of them. So, you have those recipes to look forward to…

In the mean time, I would like to share with you my favorite iPad apps. These are paid apps unless otherwise noted:

  1. Feeddler Pro–I use this to read my Google feeds.
  2. Instapaper– I use this in conjunction with Feeddler and Safari. It helps me save articles in a very readable format (without the ads)
  3. Pinboard (free)–I use this with my Pinterest account
  4. Words With Friends HD–best game EVER!!
  5. Pimp Your Screen– Allowed me to easily personalize my iPad.. There are a lot of REALLY good images that you can use.
  6. Numbers– MS Excel for the iPad
  7. CraigsPro– I love craigslist. I use it to buy and sell used stuff.
  8. ToonCamera–turns your pictures into cartoons.
  9. Cut My Rope–Kids game but it is oddly addictive.
  10. Where’s My Water–Same story as above
  11. Netflix– Stream movies on your ipad. You can take your movies with you on vacation!
  12. Livestrong– Fabulous Calorie counter
  13. People Magazine (free app but magazines cost $)–This where I get my dirt on celebrities


March 23

Have You Ever Heard of Plinky.com?

A while back, when I was blogging at a different site, I used to have a hard time thinking about what I should blog about. Then I can’t remember how I did it, but I found this site called Plinky that emails you prompts daily. I think it’s totally cool and today, the prompt was “When was the last time you voted in an election?”

My Answer:

I last voted in 2008 because it was a monumental presidential election and there were some California propositions I was interested in. The person I voted for won. I wish he hadn’t. Since his presidency began, I’ve become very house poor. I think the economy is still terrible and health insurance for the self employed has sky rocketed. I’ve been told by insurance brokers that I can expect it to double in 2014 when Obamacare takes full effect ($2000/month). We just got priced out health insurance.

March 14

What Did You Give Up For Lent?

I was raised Catholic and went to church EVERY Sunday. I was part of the choir, the youth group, attended CCD, and I was probably at church at least twice if not 3 times a week. That being said…I’m not that religious anymore. On occasion, I start to feel the Catholic guilt and decide that I need to go to church. When I do go to church, I don’t attend Catholic services anymore (although I sometimes miss the rituals)– I go to a Lutheran Church.

The Lutheran church has a more modern service complete with Christian songs sung to “modern” tunes (like U2 or the Beatles). Lots of hand gesturing and sometimes dancing. Very interesting but sometimes uncomfortable for the Catholic at heart. At any rate, the Lutheran religion isn’t that far off from Catholicism and Lent is still a big part of the religion.

Lent has always been kind of like a new New Year’s Resolution time period for me. I generally give up something for 40 days. The something is generally some bad habit or “addiction”. This year’s addiction…candy. Yup. I gave up candy. It’s been difficult, but I’ve been able to do it thus far. I used to make Sunday my day off and allow myself a reprieve from my resolution, but then every time I did that, I’d break down and give up my will to give up (does that sound right?!?!).

You know what I feel my biggest accomplishment with my Lenten resolution? The fact that I have a very LARGE tub of candy on my desk at work and I haven’t eaten a single candy!!! Yay!

What did YOU give up for lent?

March 7

Pinterest…It Inspired Me

I have to admit…I’m addicted to Pinterest.  I love all the pictures, the recipes, the ideas…EVERYTHING.  It’s opened my world up to a whole slew of websites and has inspired to blog again.  My hope is to cook the recipes I find on Pinterest and blog about them.  I also want to record what I do with my family.  So there you have it.  I’m back.