May 25

Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken

I found this teriyaki chicken recipe that looked absolutely delicious on pinterest. It was a pretty tantalizing recipe for me because it:

  1. was a crock pot recipe
  2. crock pot = little hassle
  3. it called for chicken thighs–> a very cheap cut of meat
  4. and the picture from Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen was gorgeous

So…with good intentions, I made the recipe.  When I made it, it didn’t taste so good.  My problem though, was that I didn’t follow the timing. I couldn’t start and stop the crock pot with just a 4 hour window because I decided to make it during a week night.  Plus, I figured that it was a crock pot recipe…it wouldn’t hurt to let it cook a little longer (I thought it would just make the chicken more tender).  Long story short– it tasted good but the chicken was a little rubbery because I cooked it for too long.

The sauce was delish, though. I recommend trying it and sticking exactly to the timing directions…


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